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As a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of leading-edge drug delivery devices, Nemera offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services across ophthalmology, nasal, inhalation, dermal and transdermal and parenteral.

We cover all types of business models: from full solution development to pure contract manufacturing, through customised solutions.

Because it matters for patients' health

Accurate dosing and ergonomics contribute to patient adherence to treatment. That is why, at Nemera, we foster patients' adherence to their treatment by developing and manufacturing the best device for their needs.

Whether they are Nemera proprietary or customer owned, they benefit from the utmost care because we know how critical they are for patients' health.

Innovating for patients

Nemera's Innovation Center reflects its vision to put patients first. Patients' needs are taken into account at every stage of our process. The innovation center focuses on patients throughout the development journey. As a result, it delivers innovative and high-quality devices that are ergonomic and safe to use. Nemera teams' constant engagement with end-users guarantees the best match with their needs.


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