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Welcome to Powder Systems Limited. For more than 30 years, we have been supporting our industry partners overcome their most challenging manufacturing processes by remaining at the forefront of technology and continuously developing of our products and services. Let’s see how we can take your process further, together.


PSL Powder Systems


Microsphere formulation

The MicroSphere Refiner (MSR™) is the flagship process technology of Powder Systems Ltd (PSL). It is disrupting the way microsphere drugs are traditionally developed and manufactured around the world.

Microspheres or micro-particles are complex drug formulations combining an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) with an FDA-approved polymer such as PLGA. Microsphere drugs enable the sustained release of APIs into patients over prolonged periods of time, varying from weeks up to several months.

PSL Powder Systems

Filtration and drying

PSL’s Agitated Nutsche Filter-Dryers (ANFD) are internationally renowned for their quality design developed to efficiently wash and isolate solids even within the most complex synthesis processes and challenging production environments.

Our filter-dryers provide optimum levels of safety and quality and can be manufactured to comply with various industry practices (cGMP, GAMP, etc.), directives (ATEX, etc.), regulations (21 CFR Part 11, etc.) and initiatives (PAT, etc.) from industry regulators such as the FDA.