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Thermo Fisher Scientific is a major global manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, with over 95,000 products for your fine, analytical, and life science needs.

We offer the following brands: Thermo Scientific, Fisher Chemical, Fisher Bioreagents, Acros Organics, Alfa Aesar, and Maybridge.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

With a global footprint for chemicals manufacturing and sourcing, our chemicals enable innovation, increase productivity, and improve safety. Our goal is to deliver chemicals that empower scientists to address the complex challenges they encounter in both research and commercial applications, while targeting environmental sustainability as an ongoing, continuous pursuit. If you’re looking for choice, quality, and supply assurance, you can rely on Thermo Fisher Scientific as your trusted partner for chemicals!

We offer an extensive catalog portfolio as well as custom specialty chemical solutions that provide flexibility for research and further manufacturing for a broad range of chemistry laboratories, including organic, inorganic, analytical, and applied chemistry.

In addition, our life science portfolio includes, molecular biology grade solvents, biochemicals, antivirals, a broad range of buffers, and the Maybridge screening compounds and libraries for drug discovery.

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