Compatibility comes under the spotlight at 3M

Published: 1-Nov-2013

Diversified technology company 3M is hosting a free webinar on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compatibility as part of its ‘safety spotlight’ series.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 21 November at 12 noon, delivered by Technical Services Engineer Nikita Shah from the Personal Safety Division of 3M. She will explain the importance of PPE compatibility and issues to consider when selecting appropriate and adequate safety equipment.

'Compatibility is the ability of several Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products to be worn together so that no one item compromises the ability of another to protect the wearer,' she says. 'Many industries and activities, including construction, food and beverage manufacture, paint spraying and welding to name but a few, present multiple hazards to workers, meaning more than one PPE item may need to be worn simultaneously on the worker’s head or face, which can lead to compatibility issues.

'This webinar will provide an overview of PPE compatibility, including the risks associated with incompatible PPE and ways to resolve issues. One option is to use combination products which bring together several PPE types in a single unit – for example a powered air respirator with a headtop which incorporates hearing, eye, head and respiratory protection. This system reduces the number of items competing for space on a wearer’s face.

'Another option is to involve wearers in the PPE selection process and to individually assess the fit of the different PPE components. PPE which is not fitting properly will offer significantly reduced - or even zero protection – increasing health risks to workers.'

To register for the webinar, go to All you need to join is a telephone and internet access.

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