CPI CEO passes the torch

Nigel Perry has stepped down as CEO and will be succeeded by COO, Frank Millar

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has announced that its CEO Nigel Perry will step down at the end of March 2020. Frank Millar, CPI’s Chief Operating Officer has been appointed his successor and will take on the role of CEO from April 2020.

Nigel steps down after 17 years at CPI where he has grown the organisation from inception to a leading provider of innovation services employing over 450 scientists, engineers, business specialists and support staff. Under Nigel’s leadership, CPI has provided thousands of businesses and partners with support and services to accelerate the translation of research and ideas into viable manufacturing processes and innovative new products.

Perry said: “I am incredibly proud of all that CPI has achieved as an invaluable and reliable partner for small businesses, universities and large corporates, helping them to drive their innovations forward. It has been a privilege to create and lead such an exciting organisation that provides a tangible impact for businesses across the country.”

“This announcement comes after two years of rigorous succession planning and strengthening of CPI’s leadership team to ensure our continued success as a company,” Perry explained.

Millar said: “CPI is a special company with a long history of providing valuable support to businesses in the UK and beyond, helping to translate their research and ideas into economically viable products and processes. We are an organisation led by a purpose – to make a positive, meaningful impact for UK businesses and our local and national economies.”

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