Danaher adds PNI mRNA capabilities to life sciences platform

Published: 2-Jun-2021

The overall mRNA therapeutics and vaccines market is growing rapidly, accelerated by the development of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines

Precision NanoSystems has been acquired by Danaher Corporation’s life sciences platform. PNI provides technology for the development of genetic medicines, including mRNA vaccines and therapeutics. In becoming part of Danaher’s Life Sciences platform, it will join other businesses including Cytiva and Pall.

“PNI has advanced a number of exciting innovations and we’re thrilled to welcome this talented team,” said Emmanuel Ligner, Danaher Group Executive. “As mRNA has matured as a successful technology in some COVID vaccines, we’re seeing huge potential for this technology to accelerate other therapies. The work done so far by the PNI team will also enable our customers at Cytiva and Pall to take a huge step forward in advancing their science to improve the lives of patients.”

James Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Precision NanoSystems, said: “Over the last 10 years PNI has been a leading technology company, enabling the development of genetic medicines. Joining Danaher’s Life Sciences platform allows our world-class team to accelerate and expand the work we are doing to support our customers with comprehensive technology platforms and the expertise to manufacture transformative medicines for the benefit of humanity. With the global reach of the Danaher Life Sciences platform and customers who are leaders in biotechnology, this is an incredible opportunity to bring PNI's innovations to market and expand our impact.”

The overall mRNA therapeutics and vaccines market is growing rapidly, accelerated by the development of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. The companies anticipate mRNA technology will be explored to develop other vaccines and to treat other conditions.

At present, most mRNA therapies and other types of genetic medicines in clinical development are designed to be delivered with the help of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). PNI’s Genetic Medicine Toolkit, including its proprietary GenVoy LNP delivery platform and NanoAssemblr microfluidic-based nanoparticle manufacturing platform, are designed to enable rapid development of genetic medicines.

The company is developing a centre of manufacturing in Vancouver, which will proceed as planned.

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