Difficulties swallowing tablets and capsules are widespread

Published: 30-Jul-2015

Likely to pose a serious compliance problem according to a survey by Hermes Pharma

People of all ages and gender have difficulties swallowing tablets and capsules. In fact it is a widespread problem, which over half of Americans and German experience, a Hermes Pharma survey has revealed.

Conventional tablets and capsules are often too big to swallow and get stuck in the throat. Patients and consumers revert to breaking them up before swallowing, dissolving them in water or simply stop taking them – all of which are likely to have a negative impact on compliance.

Bringing medicines to market that are easy to swallow and taste well offers the potential of improving patient experience, thus increasing compliance and reducing healthcare costs. Addressing the needs of people with difficulties swallowing tablets represents a huge, yet relatively untapped market segment - opening up new revenue opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry.

The findings of this survey are now available to the public on a new website: www.swallowingtablets.com.

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