Dose indicator monitors usage

Published: 30-Aug-2012

Counter shows the number of times the inhaler has been activated

RPC Formatec’s patented dose indicator enables users of all types of PMDIs (pressurised metered dose inhalers) to monitor accurately and reliably the number of doses taken from their inhalers.

The German injection-moulded device manufacturer, part of the European rigid plastic packaging group RPC, says the new device is FDA approved and fits all common types of valves including 3M, Bespak, V.A.R.I. and Valios. As well as being available for new inhalers, the dose indicator can be easily integrated into existing dosing aerosols with only slight modification of the mouthpiece, the firm says.

The robust and simple-to-use injection-moulded design provides a counter that indicates the number of times the inhaler has been activated. The system can be tailored to specific customer requirements for the number of actuations – between 40 and 225 individual doses.

RPC Formatec, based in Mellrichstadt, Germany, has more 30 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of inhalation systems to help treat patients suffering from asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Its range of solutions includes capsule-, reservoir- and blister- (single and reusable) based variants and a multi-dose nasal powder spray.

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