DuPont Liveo invests in healthcare portfolio

Published: 3-Nov-2020

The company is aiming to grow in three market segments: biopharma processing, pharmaceutical solutions and medical devices

DuPont is investing in capital and resources to strengthen its Liveo brand healthcare silicone solutions. These investments are focused on accelerating business growth, addressing key industry challenges arising from global megatrends, and continually improving and expanding DuPont’s ability to serve customers, the company says.

“We are working in close collaboration with our key customers to help support and drive their leadership in key healthcare industry market segments,” says DuPont Liveo Healthcare Global Business Director Eugenio Toccalino. “As a leader in Biopharma Processing, Pharma Solutions and Medical Devices, we want to enable our customers to achieve a competitive edge and grow their business in these segments. Our customers fully appreciate and reward the value of our specialists and our full commitment to the needs of the healthcare industry all the way down to the patients.”

The targeted investments include increasing supply capacities with manufacturing improvements at DuPont’s Healthcare Industries Materials Site (HIMS) in Hemlock, Michigan, USA. Notable upgrades include extrusion capacity expansion for tubing, an ISO 7 cleanroom, and ongoing elastomer capacity expansions with mixing equipment for liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and high-consistency rubber (HCR).

These investments are aimed to help Liveo continue addressing the key challenges and opportunities in three primary healthcare market segments, namely: biopharma processing, to enable biologics manufacturing using Liveo pharma tubing and overmolded assemblies; pharmaceutical solutions, to enable drug delivery routes with an offering in topical and transdermal solutions, and medical devices, to enable diagnostics, monitoring and treatment with specialty medical adhesives and elastomers.

“Without question, these investments in the future of healthcare will help strengthen and grow the value of our DuPont Liveo brand healthcare silicone solutions,” Toccalino says. “We believe that DuPont Healthcare will have a positive impact on every level of the healthcare industry value chain.”

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