DuPont to commercialise DuPont Liveo Pharma Silicone Tubing produced in China

Published: 10-Aug-2022

Company aims to meet greater China’s growing local demand for high-quality biopharma processing products

DuPont has announced that it will increase production capabilities for its Liveo Pharma Silicone Tubing by adding manufacturing capacity in eastern China.

The manufacturing expansion aims to meet demand for high-quality, high-performance biopharmaceutical tubing in greater China.

Tubing represents one of the largest surface areas in direct contact with drug substances and products during the drug manufacturing process.

Consequently, it needs to meet strict regulatory and quality requirements. The Liveo Pharma Silicone Tubing produced in eastern China will be manufactured in a facility governed by the same quality principles as those of the DuPont Healthcare Industries Materials Site (HIMS) in the US.

“We understand the criticality of supply in times of high demand and tightening supply,” said DuPont Healthcare Global Business Director, Eugenio Toccalino. “Our aim is to meet customer needs in Greater China by building and expanding our supply chain through local production in China.”

As a result of the global biologic production trend –– the reliability and adaptability of single-use components suppliers is more critical than ever. Toccalino added: “DuPont Liveo continued investments demonstrate our long-term commitment to the healthcare industry.”

In addition to the long-operating HIMS facility in the US and the new site in China, DuPont Healthcare recently announced the opening of a second US site in Cooper River, South Carolina, for the production of Liveo Pharma Tubing.

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