EDQM launches Know-X database

Published: 1-Apr-2014

A user-friendly tool for regulators working to reduce counterfeit medical products

The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM) has launched the Know-X database to assist regulators in the fight against counterfeit/falsified medical products.

The database collates reports on counterfeit/falsified medical products that have been detected in Council of Europe member states.

EDQM says this user-friendly tool will allow officials to expand their knowledge and awareness of counterfeit/falsified medicines, provide a basis for the exchange of information, highlight and encourage collaboration between health and law enforcement authorities, and foster the sharing of analytical information on the testing of counterfeit/falsified and other illegal medicines within the Network of Official Medicines Control Laboratories (OMCLs).

The database contains details on closed cases of counterfeit/falsified medical products, technical information on the testing performed, the authorities involved and what actions were taken. The information is gathered from various sources (e.g. OMCLs, health authorities, regulatory agencies, medical products surveillance authorities, customs and police) and it is intended to provide governments with decision aids for the management and prevention of specific risks.

Access to the database can be requested by officials working for: a competent health or law enforcement authority in a Council of Europe member state or in a state party to the MEDICRIME Convention that is directly involved in fighting counterfeit/falsified medical products and similar crimes, or a member of the European OMCL Network that does not belong to the core testing group.

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