Edwards Vacuum launches modern industrial two-stage oil sealed rotary vane pump

Published: 17-Aug-2022

The new E2S range, comprising three models E2S45, E2S65 and E2S85, is Edwards Vacuum’s modern series of industrial two-stage oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps for medium vacuum

The range embodies a perfect balance between performance, cost and usability. It pumps down fast, it handles vapours and it contributes to minimising noise level in your workplace. In short a simple, yet powerful rotary vane pump to boost your production but not your expenses.

In terms of performance, the E2S range offers a high pumping speed to reduce cycle times and gain productivity. In order to be suitable for humid applications, it has a hydro mode with improved vapour handling capability, whereas its low noise level allows it to meet lab environment working expectations.

All these benefits are packed in a modern, yet simple design, making the E2S an economical product with a clean layout. Two nice examples are the range’s built-in oil filter to protect the pump mechanism from contaminants and prevent oil leaks; and its innovative design to increase cooling performance and keeping a high vapour tolerance. All together, the E2S has avoided complex mechanical arrangements and kept the technology simple.

It’s simple design, however, has not made compromises towards the pump’s usability as it accommodates the users' needs on various levels: easy and pleasant to use and service, allowing for on-site cleaning to maximise uptime, can optionally include efficient over-temperature protection and low oil level detection, and has implemented increased safety against operator misuse.



A reliable piece of engineering, simply made, the E2S range is well suited for many standard applications requiring medium vacuum:

  • Vacuum degassing and drying
  • Heat treatments and vacuum ovens
  • Vacuum insulation
  • Plasma treatments (except O2 plasma)
  • Leak testing
  • Gas production and handling
  • Research and development
  • Backing of high vacuum pumps or systems

In need of more speed?

Standard combinations of E2S two-stage rotary pumps and EH mechanical boosters are also available for high capacity demands. As they are factory pre-assembled, these pumping systems are compact, mobile and easy to use. With a direct start from atmospheric pressure our E2S85-EH1200 stack provides up to 900 m³/h effective speed and allows to reach high vacuum range with an ultimate vacuum of 3x10 -4 mbar.

Interested to find out more? Discover the full range here.

The Edwards E2S range – No ordinary vacuum pump: Watch the video here.

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