Erlab ductless filtering storage cabinets

Published: 1-Feb-2018

The company's Flex Technology allows users to configure the filtration to specific needs

Erlab is offering an extensive range of filtered storage cabinets.

These uniquely designed cabinets are equipped with the most advanced carbon filtration available. Erlab’s Flex Technology allows you to configure the filtration to your specific needs.

Hazardous vapors and powders are captured in the filter by a steady flow of air through the cabinet. Once the harmful vapors are captured in the filter, clean air is returned back to the room.

  • Eliminates inhalation of noxious or hazardous vapors when opening the cabinet
  • Designed to continuously purify the laboratory air
  • No connection to HVAC needed
  • Chemicals can be placed where you need them
  • Choose from bench top, wall mount, or floor standing models

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