For growing customer, TurboFil upgrades fully automatic syringe filling system

Published: 23-May-2024

Now capable of handling up to 80 syringes per minute, the TipFil Syringe Filling and Assembly Machine offers a fully automated start-to-finish process

TurboFil Packaging Machines LLC, an equipment specialist dedicated solely to the design and development of liquid filling and assembly machines, has enhanced its recently introduced TipFil™ Syringe Filling and Assembly Machine, which automates the company’s popular TipFil™ syringe filling process. Equipped with an updated platform to achieve throughput speeds of up to 80 syringes per minute, the next-level machine was supplied to a customer filling pest control products in 30ml syringes.

TurboFil’s TipFil™ Syringe Filling and Assembly Machine automates all processes – from syringe loading, filling and capping through to inspection, labelling and printing. The servo-driven intermittent motion machine incorporates a racetrack indexing system for rapid, reliable throughput. For multi-product manufacturers, the system can also feature interchangeable pucks to accommodate syringes with fill volumes from 1-60mls. The system can handle a wide range of product viscosities.

For the enhanced version, loading is performed via elevator hopper to a vibratory bowl, which transfers four syringes at a time to a tracked placement mechanism. Next, pistons are placed into all four syringes simultaneously and advanced to the bottom of each. Dosing is performed through-the-tip via a ceramic pump, with a no container/no fill sensor preventing product wastage. Metering occurs via plunger positioning sensors, with a plunger pullback mechanism reducing drips and assuring exacting fill levels.

From there, caps are placed and torqued automatically on the tips of each syringe. Once any rejects for missing components or fill volume are automatically removed from the production line, filled syringes proceed to the integrated labeller. The labelling function is facilitated by a roller conveyor that transports the syringes to the labelling head. A printer adds lot number and expiration date along with any additional necessary markings.

Ergonomically designed for efficient operation, TurboFil’s TipFil™ Syringe Filling and Assembly Machine features a 10” touchscreen HMI, Allen Bradley PLC, and three password levels for access protection. Ethernet capabilities allow for remote diagnostics, while easily identifiable buttons for emergency stop, reset, and circuit breaker-enabled on/off provide expedient line stoppage and intervention. A number of optional features are available to customise the machine to the needs of various applications.

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