Glatt combines high shear granulation with a fluid bed dryer

Published: 14-Jun-2018

Exhibiting at Achema, Hall 3.0, Booth F1: Glatt opens a new chapter in batch production for pharmaceutical solids with its TwinPro processing system

Glatt, specialist in Life Science systems construction and specialist in integrated process solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, presents its innovative fusion of two batch processes into one processing system at the thirty-first Achema, a leading international trade show for the process industry in Frankfurt/Main.

For the first time, the revolutionary, patent pending TwinPro system unites two previously separate processes, high shear granulation and fluid bed drying, in a continual batch process.

This unique solution combines the company's decades of process experience in high shear granulation with its pioneering expertise in fluidised bed drying. Removing wet sieving and product transfer eliminates a critical step. The result: significantly less process time and simplified cleaning.

The future of containment granulation

Because it fuses these two processes for the first time, the Glatt TwinPro is the optimal system for total containment applications thanks to a significant minimisation of material loss.

Maximum process management efficiency

The revolutionary fusion of two processes into a single system allows the company to remove a complete machine unit, reducing investment costs in systems and building technology with maximum process efficiency. The reward: processes roughly 20% faster compared to a classic batch granulation line.

After high shear granulation is complete, a lowering floor enables gentle fluid bed drying. The newly developed double corrugated vibrator in combination with the Z-rotor, have allowed Glatt experts to eliminate wet sieves. The proven container geometry and design of the Z-rotor have retained the same dimensions for all available sizes. This means processes can be transferred from existing Glatt technology.

Maximum Functionality

The smart TwinPro scores points for minimalism with the goal of maximum functionality and efficient overall operations. The functional construction has been designed to meet operator demands, down to the smallest detail. The ergonomic design impresses with easy installation and no non-functional elements or exterior attachments. Smooth, seamless surfaces reduce contamination and ensure optimal cleaning.

Maximum safety

The closed system is shock pressure resistant to 12 bar and offers reliable protection against dust explosions and in applications with hybrid mixtures.

Fit for the future

Flexible compatibility with all typical PAT applications and adaptability for additional processes means users are perfectly equipped for the future. The intuitive operating concept with intelligent GlattView controls provides full control of all process parameters.

A multi-port interface allows external data recorders to be connected at any time to analyse and document various process parameters. Fully automatic recognition of process inserts by RFIDD TAG guarantees correct process parameters.

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