Honeywell launches double-certified reference materials for calibration of laboratory instruments

Published: 17-Mar-2017

New generation of Hydranal accredited under ISO Guide 34 simplifies calibration of instruments for research laboratories

With increasing pressure from regulatory authorities and rising user demand for better quality measurement results, more and more laboratories are acquiring accreditation. This accreditation allows them to demonstrate their measurement performance and the traceability of their results through CRM.

Diversified technology and manufacturer Honeywell has just launched of its first series of Hydranal double-certified reference materials (CRM) for Karl Fischer Titration.

Until now, commercially available water standards for Karl Fischer Titration have been tested under ISO/IEC 17025 or no standard at all. The new generation of standards from Honeywell Research Chemicals are produced and certified under ISO Guide 34 in addition to ISO/IEC 17025.

This double accreditation means researchers can rely on compliance with the strictest regulatory requirements.

While pure water can be used as a suitable calibrator of laboratory instruments, accurate results depend on many factors such as the balance, the volume of the burette, the titrant and the know-how of the user.

For that reason, researchers prefer the instrument to be calibrated with a CRM that allows for the handling of larger specimens.

The Honeywell Hydranal range includes:

  • HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 10.0 (Liquid, 10.0 mg/g = 1.0% water content)
  • HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 1.0 (Liquid, 1.0 mg/g = 0.1% water content)
  • HYDRANAL-CRM Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate (Solid, ~15.66% water content)

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