Hookipa and Gilead amend HIV immunotherapy agreement

Published: 16-Feb-2022

Under the original agreement, Gilead would assume rights for further development following a joint research phase

Immunotherapeutics company Hookipa Pharma has entered into an amended collaboration and license agreement with Gilead to advance the development of a novel therapy against HIV.

The agreement was originally signed in 2018, when Gilead licensed exclusive rights to Hookipa’s arenaviral platform to develop immunotherapies for HIV. Under that agreement, the companies agreed to a joint research phase, after which time Gilead had rights for further development.

Under the amended and restated agreement, Hookipa is responsible for advancing the programme through a Phase Ib trial, with funding from Gilead. At the completion of the Phase 1b trial, Gilead will have exclusive right to assume further development of the programme.

“We are pleased to enter into this amended agreement with Gilead which includes provisions that we believe benefit both parties, and we hope ultimately the HIV community,” said Joern Aldag, CEO of Hookipa. “Gilead is helping to advance our novel arenaviral platform technology, which has the potential to complement Gilead’s overall research strategies for cures of HIV and HBV.”

Upon signing of the amended agreement, Hookipa will receive a payment of $15m. Additionally, Gilead will make a $5m equity investment the immunotherapeutics company at a premium to the current market price, and up to an additional $30m of equity financing that can be drawn by Hookipa’s before the end of 2023.

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