Ixico signs contract with top 10 pharma company

Published: 14-May-2018

The deal will provide specialist imaging clinical trial services for trial participants with Huntington’s disease

Ixico, the digital technologies company serving neuroscience, announced that it has signed a new contract with a top 10 pharmaceutical company, further expanding its relationship with one of its existing clients.

The contract value is £1.0 million, for a three year term, with study planning and site set-up activities starting in the next few months.

Ixico will provide its technology-enabled imaging services in a natural history study of people with early manifest Huntington’s disease (HD) to observe the natural progression of the disease.

Ixico will use its TrialTracker digital platform to standardise the acquisition and collection of MRI scans, including advanced functional MR imaging, from centres across Europe and North America.

Ixico will also apply its proprietary image analysis algorithms, together with inlicenced algorithms from leading academic centres, to measure neurological changes in study participants.

HD is a rare genetic neurodegenerative disorder that affects movement, cognition and behaviour. This is an area of significant unmet medical need as there are currently no effective marketed treatments.

Ixico was first involved in HD studies in 2007, supporting some of the early observational studies led by academic centres in Europe and North America, which characterised the progression of the disease.

Since then Ixico has been successful in providing its clinical trials services to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies working in this important area of clinical development.

Giulio Cerroni, chief executive of Ixico, said: “Today’s announcement continues IXICO’s successful track record in providing neuroimaging clinical trial services for Huntington’s disease, representing our third new contract in this therapeutic area in the current financial year.”

“I am delighted that we continue to win new business with existing clients which I believe demonstrates the value placed by our customers on the unique combination of technologies and scientific expertise that we provide.”

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