Johnson Matthey launches new online catalyst store

Published: 11-Jan-2017

Johnson Matthey, a leading provider of pharmaceutical services, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and catalyst technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of its new online catalyst store.

The store has been introduced to provide customers with easy access to research quantities of commercial grade ligands and catalysts, to accelerate development of efficient and economic processes to pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and other applications.

Customers can now easily search for and directly buy a range of homogeneous catalysts for cross-coupling and asymmetric transformations.

A wider variety of Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals products, including heterogeneous catalysts and proprietary enzymes for biocatalysis, will become available online later this year.

The store integrates with the Johnson Matthey Catalyst Reaction Guide (CRG) App, and together these allow customers to search for an efficient catalyst for a wide range of reactions and then directly purchase their optimal catalyst in just a few moments.

“The new Johnson Matthey Catalyst Store provides our customers with direct access to our world-leading catalysts,” commented Gerard Compagnoni General Manager Johnson Matthey Catalysts & Chiral Technologies.

“Not only will this make catalyst sourcing simpler, but customers can be assured that the products they use for development will meet the same quality and performance as they scale up for commercial production.”

The new Johnson Matthey Catalyst Store can be found at

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