Johnson Matthey reveals refreshed identity

Published: 9-May-2017

200-year company brand refresh reflects Johnson Matthey’s position as a science-led company for cleaner and healthier life

This week, Johnson Matthey, a global leader in science that provides cleaner air, improved health and more efficient use of natural resources, reveals a refreshed brand identity: “Inspiring science, enhancing life.”

Johnson Matthey is involved in an array of science, from catalysts that enable cleaner air to pharmaceutical ingredients. Its work is unified by a common theme: to enhance quality of life.

Work by the company includes reshaping battery technology for the automotive industry with new materials; and optimising efficiency of world scale processes used to produce important chemical intermediates.

Company progress

200 years after Percival Norton Johnson founded the company, it is celebrating global operations on all continents and annual sales of more than £3bn.

More than 90% of the company’s sales come from technologies that have an explicit environmental, health or sustainability benefit.

Today, the company employs 13,000 people in 30 countries worldwide. One pound in every twenty generated is reinvested in research and development. Last year alone, Johnson Matthey invested £188m in research and development projects around the globe.

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