Labtex congratulates Huber for its tenth TOP 100 award

Published: 30-May-2022

The Top 100 innovation competition recognises the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany and is widely regarded as a "Club of Excellence" in which the German innovation elite gathers

A scientific selection process is a core element of the TOP 100 innovation competition, which involves five key categories:

  • innovation-oriented top management
  • innovative climate
  • innovative processes and organisation
  • outward-orientation/open innovation
  • innovative success.

The TOP 100 analysis questions whether a company’s innovations are simply a product of chance or whether they are systematically planned and can therefore be repeated in the future. Huber has been identified for the tenth time as one of the TOP innovators.

The company mainly serves the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but also supplies its products to many other sectors (from automotive production to environmental research). Huber is one of the leading suppliers of high precision thermoregulation solutions; the company’s products ensure precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plant and production processes across the globe, offering temperature control solutions for applications ranging from –125 to +425 °C.

Driving technological development

Huber has been driving technological development and continuous innovation in the field of liquid temperature control since 1968. The introduction of Unistat technology in 1989 was a revolution in temperature control, setting industry standards for thermodynamics and accuracy.

In addition to dynamic temperature control systems, Huber’s product range includes immersion coolers, heated and/or refrigerated baths and circulators, and chillers. Labtex MD, Greg Smith, commented: “Our relationship with Huber is decades old and we are delighted that they are being recognised in this way. Their innovative products are the standard by which all others are judged. Well done.”

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