LNC Therapeutics forms advisory board for Christensenella research

Published: 2-Dec-2019

The gut microbiome-based drug research and discovery specialist has chosen experts to advise the future of its Christensella R&D programme

LNC Therapeutics, a French biotech company specialising in gut microbiome-based drug research and discovery, has formed its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), composed of preeminent experts in the gut microbiome and related therapeutic applications.

Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs) are a new class of drugs that contain living organisms such as bacteria, and that are being used by LNC Therapeutics to treat diseases with major unmet medical needs. LNC Therapeutics is currently focusing its R&D efforts on the bacteria family Christensenellaceae.

The SAB will play an integral role in supporting LNC Therapeutics’ leadership by providing scientific insight and guidance on the company’s research and development strategy, particularly related to LNC’s proprietary Christensenella platform.

The members of the Company’s SAB include:

  • Dr Jean-Pierre Lehner, MD (SAB Chairman)
  • Dr Joël Doré, PhD
  • Prof Karine Clément, MD, Tenured Professor of Nutrition (PU-PH)
  • Dr Eric Ravussin, PhD
  • Dr James Kinross, MD

Georges Rawadi, CEO of LNC Therapeutics, said: “Following our recent capital raise, which shows our investors full support, LNC Therapeutics is focused on working closely with these prominent scientific advisors, whose collective guidance and significant experience will be invaluable in advancing our pipeline of innovative single strain drugs.”

“We are now well equipped to continue the development of our live biotherapeutic products and to deliver on the great potential of the microbiome for improving human health and treating diseases, starting with metabolic diseases,” Rawadi added.

Dr Joël Doré said: "The impact of gut microbiome properties on the human health is truly an exciting and rapidly expanding area of research, that has the potential to revolutionise how we manage most diseases. The research undertaken by LNC Therapeutics around Christensenella is perfectly in line with this dynamic and I am thrilled to support the discovery of these bacteria new therapeutic applications. Therefore, I am very proud to join the Scientific Advisory Board of LNC Therapeutics and to be able to contribute to the development of such an innovative company.”

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