Marchesini Group

Marchesini Group designs and builds stand-alone machines and customised lines for packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

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It was back in 1974 that Massimo Marchesini had the original idea of building packaging machines and built his first one in his garage at home. Over the years, various companies that were complementary to his business merged and were even taken over, thus transforming Marchesini Group from the once small local company to the impressive multinational enterprise it is today, capable  of creating packaging technologies for the most important products of the Pharma and Beauty industries.

With a turnover of 490 million Euro and 2,800 employees in Italy and abroad, Marchesini Group is a flagship of the  Packaging Valley in Emilia Romagna and one of the top four worldwide manufacturers of  automatic pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machines. In order to better oversee international markets, Marchesini Group avails of 35 agencies, which together with 14 foreign subsidiaries represent the Group in over 116 countries worldwide. 87% of the Group’s turnover is generated by exports, with important peaks in  Europe, China, the USA and Latin America. Even though Marchesini Group has extended its foreign sales and after-sales networks, its true strength is that all the machines and systems are produced in Italy.

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