MarkHerz and Polyplus collaborate to advance CGT process standards and lower costs

Published: 19-Dec-2023

Polyplus (part of Sartorius) has inked a collaboration with pioneering Korean cell and gene therapy (CGT) CDMO, MarkHerz, to set new CGT efficiency standards focused on decreasing cost and increasing quality per dose of a therapeutic product

The teams will work to improve process efficiency by leveraging Polyplus products and expertise with MarkHerz manufacturing capabilities.

Proprietary e-Zyvec technology will be used to design tailor-made plasmids for high purity manufacturing. Plasmid engineering and production services will initiate the project, followed by upstream optimisation.

“Because every CGT process is unique, we believe that working with plasmids optimised to each process should greatly impact yield and quality. Working with a team like Polyplus that understands both the intricacies of how critical materials work with one another and how to solve the scientific and process challenges is key for our customers' success,” said Seungmin Lee, CEO at MarkHerz.

“The FAS and Scientific support teams at Polyplus will align with the Process Development team here at MarkHerz to optimise each process. Work will be performed across serotypes to collect data that is used to fine tune critical process parameters.”

“This is a first collaboration for the Polyplus team focused on the impact of tailor-made plasmids on large-scale manufacturing in Korea. We want to achieve the highest purity possible as a priority,” Thomas Lejolly, Asia-Pacific Director at Polyplus said.

“From there, we will work to optimise all critical upstream raw materials to achieve highest yields and lower the cost per dose for patients.”

Throughout this collaboration, the teams will also build and share local knowledge to help create a wide range of information and expertise to advance CGT manufacturing.

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