Merck launches bioprocessing 4.0 platform

Published: 15-Sep-2021

The ProCellics Raman Analyzer and Bio4C Pat Raman software provide a module to build robust chemometric models

The life science business of Merck has launched ProCellics Raman Analyzer with Bio4C PAT Raman software. The GMP-ready platform provides in-line and real-time monitoring of cell culture critical process parameters and critical quality attributes, for upstream monoclonal antibody and vaccine process development and manufacturing.

Designed specifically for the bioprocessing industry, the platform is designed to solve the shortcomings of traditional manual and offline analysis methods by enabling better process understanding and optimisation, as well as increased control and reproducibility.

This platform features a GMP-ready analyser with Bio4C PAT Raman software to facilitate 21 CFR part 11 compliance and provides a module to build robust chemometric models.

It also helps implement a nutrient control loop strategy, which the company describes as a first step towards automation and bioprocessing 4.0. Technical support is available from Merck's engineers and chemometric bioprocess experts.

The platform is a component of the company's BioContinuum platform, which provides process, software and automation building blocks designed to help customers achieve specific bioprocessing goals.

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