New joint venture to lead digital manufacturing into a new era

Published: 1-Nov-2023

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Visual Components are combining capabilities to establish ME Industrial Simulation Software Corporation, a robotics and automation simulation software company,

Finnish based developer of 3D simulation software, Visual Components, has announced that, following a long-term collaboration with Mitsubushi Electric Corporation (MELCO), the two companies are working together in a joint venture to establish a new company: ME Industrial Simulation Software Corporation.
During 2022, Visual Components has seen growth in turnover to €14.4m and an increased employee headcount by 25% to 128 employees.

Visual Components’ robotics and automation simulation software offering is set to be a big step in the company's strategic aim to grow its presence in the APAC region and will compliment MELCO’s existing 3D simulation solution, MELSOFT Gemini, by strengthening and fastening it through deeper integration with MELCO’s existing factory automation software and programmable controllers (PLC).
ME Industrial Simulation Software Corporation, with the research and development done by Visual Components, will be able to assist manufacturers globally to implement new technologies to their production.  

Mikko Urho, CEO at Visual Components, commented: "This joint venture will be able to maximise synergies by combining Visual Components' superior 3D simulation software with Mitsubishi Electric's manufacturing know-how."

"Through synergies, we will accelerate the realisation of digital manufacturing and contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of our customers."
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation FA System Division General Manager, Toshie Takeuchi, added: “Specifically, we aggregate and analyse data acquired from equipment and equipment at manufacturing sites using our FA equipment in a digital space to solve problems in our customers' engineering chains."

"By establishing a joint venture with Visual Components, we will combine the strengths of both companies and contribute to solving problems at manufacturing sites."

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