ACG provides update on the status of its factories

Published: 16-Mar-2020

The global company has instituted working from home and is developing a crisis plan in case an emergency situation arises

As a key supply player, ACG has released a statement of its reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. Supply chains around the globe are experiencing stress and key players are clarifying their position to those using their services.

The wide-reaching effects of the virus and the preventative measures are being felt across almost all industries. ACG supplies to multiple sectors and is implementing measures to ensure as little impact as possible to these.

ACG's stated: "In light of an escalation in the severity of the coronavirus pandemic – and effective immediately – ACG has mandated that wherever business functions allow, employees around the world should now work from home."

"ACG is encouraging its staff to make use of all available IT solutions, and has committed to covering the associated expenses of working remotely. Furthermore, a company-wide ban on travel has been imposed, and participation at events and exhibitions suspended," the statement read.

ACG has also taken proactive preventative measures to ensure the safety of factory bound workers, including daily screening with thermal scanners, providing easy access to sanitisers, and regular cleaning of all workspaces and commute buses.

A crisis plan has also been developed in case an emergency situation arises.

Some of the hardest decisions for those running businesses is to what extent their facilities are to be open, as these are jobs that can't be remotely performed. As a result, facilities closures have been happening in all majorly infected countries.

ACG has confirmed its position on the matter. "ACG has reaffirmed its commitment to providing uninterrupted supply of its products and services, and factories in all locations around the world are working at full capacity," the company statement read. "The company has also taken proactive measures to ensure supply of its own raw materials for many months."

On the measures taken to fight COVID-19, Sunil Jha, Group CHRO of ACG said: “We are doing everything we possibly can to safeguard the health of our associates and communities, while also ensuring our ability to honour commitments made to pharmaceutical customers in terms of meeting their increased requirements. These are unprecedented times calling for unprecedented measures, and we promise to stand strong alongside all healthcare providers fighting on the front lines of this pandemic.”

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