Aesica offers the whole package

Published: 5-May-2011

Company plans to continue to develop its portfolio of services and enhance assets and capabilities across its six manufacturing sites

Aesica Pharmaceuticals’ recent acquisitions in Europe have not only doubled the size of its business, but also significantly enhanced its extensive range of packaging services.

Two of the company’s new European sites, Monheim and Pianezza, have consolidated Aesica’s packaging capabilities and complement the existing facilities at its established Queenborough site in the UK. Aesica’s expertise now includes fully integrated lines with the latest in-line printing technology, dedicated to supplying the Japanese market and for the packing of pouched patches and syringes.

By 2013, the manufacture of formulated products including packaging services will comprise two thirds of Aesica’s business. As such the company plans to continue to develop its portfolio of services and enhance assets and capabilities across its six manufacturing sites.

Aesica has four sites dedicated to the manufacture of formulated products. Currently, the company’s site in Monheim, Germany, has extensive packaging experience and Aesica now offers a broad range of dosage forms including syringes and pouches. In addition, the site in Pianezza, Italy, has packaging facilities for oral solid, oral liquid and injectable forms and Aesica’s site in Queenborough, Kent, offers bottle and blister packaging as well as device assembly.

‘Prior to the acquisition of our three new sites in Europe, Aesica already had huge capability and expertise in terms of packaging and following our recent acquisitions we now offer an even broader range of services,’ says Simon Clough, managing director, Formulated Products Business Unit, Aesica.

‘In addition to traditional packaging provision we also offer artwork, design, labelling and coding, supply chain management and regulatory affairs services, as we understand the value of providing a full contract manufacturing service to our clients.’

Aesica supplies contract development and contract manufacturing services for formulated products and active pharmaceutical ingredients to a host of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and emerging biotechnology organisations.

Its unique proposition lies in its flexible and bespoke approach to service delivery, coupled with its ability to develop products from the initial clinical stage through to final commercial supply. Furthermore, the long established and proven expertise within the company enables it to provide primary and secondary contract manufacturing services to the highest possible standards.

Specific packaging capabilities offered by Aesica include:

  • Solid Dose – can pack solid dose into virtually any sized blister and can blister film:foil, foil:foil, carton 1–100 blisters, pack solid dose into bottles (plastic or glass), securitainers, snap-fit or screw cap (child resistant). Aesica currently manufactures plaquettes, hospital packs and starter packs with multiple dose tablets.
  • Liquid Dose – can fill non-sterile liquids into bottles, dropping solutions of varying sizes, with final packs including syringes, droppers, spoons etc and fill sterile liquids into ampoules & vials of varying sizes, and package into carton trays.
  • Delivery systems – can assemble novel delivery systems such as PENs (inserting syringes into assemblies for easy injection), package pouches & patches into cartoned finished goods.
  • Novel pack presentations – has the capability to assemble complex multi-component finished packs.

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