Almac Group donates a quarter of a million pounds to global charities in wake of COVID-19

Published: 4-Sep-2020

Employee-driven initiative will benefit 33 health and welfare organisations local to Almac’s 11 global facilities

Almac Group has announced that the organisation will donate £250,000 to 33 charities globally to support their critical work in the wake of COVID-19.

Each year Almac hosts a summer “family fun day” at each of its locations, bringing together employees and their families to enjoy a full day of socialising, games and events.

As the global organisation continues to focus on the wellbeing of all its employees throughout the global COVID-19 situation and, with social distancing remaining a priority, these fun days were unable to proceed.

Recognising that charitable organisations rely on significant donations typically received via monthly events and fundraising, and that those efforts have ceased as a result of the pandemic, Almac deemed it appropriate to use the money which would have been typically spent on its fun days to make a contribution to a number of registered charities in each of its localities.

The company launched a localised employee survey to determine which regional charitable beneficiaries would receive a share of a quarter of a million pounds total contribution.

Each of Almac’s 5,600 employees across 11 main facilities located in the UK, Europe, Asia and North America were given the opportunity to select those charities they deemed most important to their local communities, yielding 3 beneficiaries per location.

A total of 33 organisations were selected to receive a donation in direct response to Almac's employee feedback and cover a wide range of missions ranging from childhood welfare, hunger, cancer support, hospice and social justice causes.

Alan Armstrong, Group CEO, commented: “As a global organisation, Almac’s mission is to advance human health, and we recognise that this extends to supporting the health and wellbeing of our local communities, especially during a global pandemic. In response, we are honoured to support 33 organisations, chosen by our employees, which support the health and welfare of our neighbours in each of our corporate locations, and we are proud to give back during this unprecedented time.”

The global organisation is also partnering with a variety of global pharmaceutical, biotech and research institutions to support more than 80 separate crucial research projects into COVID-19 treatment options.

These vital projects cover a range of different areas including vaccines and various potential treatments for symptoms and the effects of this disease. Find out more

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