Anton Paar introduces SVM 1001 automatic kinematic viscometer

Published: 25-Jan-2022

The device delivers 150% higher throughput than manual D445 instruments

Anton Paar has introduced the new SVM 1001 automatic kinematic viscometer, a superior alternative to manual glass capillary viscometers. The device is easy, economic, fast and available at an affordable price.

    SVM 1001:
  • Provides 150% higher throughput compared to manual D445 instruments
  • Delivers bias-corrected D445 results
  • Runs on only 50 W
  • Requires minimal sample and solvent (min. 1.5 mL)
  • Is priced to fit your budget

Forget about time-consuming measurements, temperature baths, stopwatches, and hazardous glass breakage. Save bench space and operational costs with the SVM 1001.

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