Anton Paar launches the Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 Series

Published: 29-Nov-2023

After decades of experience in pressurised acid digestion and microwave technology, Anton Paar is proud to introduce the Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 series

For the first time, a family of high-performance instruments based on the pressurised digestion cavity (PDC) concept allows customers to select the perfect microwave digestion system for their analytical tasks, at minimum running costs and space requirements. Reaction parameters of up to 300°C and 199 bar ensure complete digestions, from routine samples to the most demanding ones.

With the Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 series, operators can achieve low detection limits after digestion with low blanks and a high sample weight per position. Moreover, they know they comply with all relevant international standards, which are pre-programmed in the instrument’s software.

Without the need for method development or sample clustering, and with software-guided procedures, the series guarantees ease of use. This, together with a large selection of high-purity vials and vessels, leads to a significant advancement in the field of microwave digestion. It offers researchers, scientists, and laboratory professionals unparalleled precision, efficiency, and flexibility in their sample preparation processes.

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