Anton Paar promotes trade-in offer for HVT vessels

Published: 13-Oct-2022

The company invites clients to trade in old microwave digestion systems to "boost productivity"

British manufacturer Anton Paar is offering clients a “trade-in” offer, whereby they can swap an old lab microwave of any brand for an Anton Paar Multiwave 5000 and an HVT Rotor with 24 or 41 vessels, and get a second set of HVT vessels for free. 

HVT vessels: Convenient and efficient, for unrivalled performance: 

  • Innovative design for fast heating and cooling and a long vessel lifetime
  • Different samples can be digested in a single run
  • Wide range of applications
  • Easy to close and to open
  • Minimal cleaning effort

When combined with the Multiwave 5000’s analytical performance and intuitive user interface, these HVT vessels are the ideal match for any elemental analysis laboratory.

Why Anton Paar? 

  • Free two-week trial
  • Your new instrument comes with a three-year warranty
  • The company's strong support network is available wherever you are
  • Anton Paar help you transfer methods from your old microwave to Multiwave 5000, which ensures that you’re working again quickly
  • Free one-day, on-site training
  • Free lifetime application support

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