Anton Paar strengthens MCP polarimeter portfolio

Published: 10-May-2022

Anton Paar is proud to welcome the new MCP 4100 model to their polarimeter series

The instrument is designed for economic analysis in full compliance. and it has the precision long associated with Anton Paar. It also has an outstanding feature set.

The company also made sure to shape the existing MCP polarimeter series so there’s always a perfect match for you. In highly regulated industries, compliance means the world, so the instrument features and developed new data management solutions have been realinged, with a focus on industries working in regulated environments (i.e., 21 CFR Part 11, GMP Vol. 4 Annex 11).


  • MCP 4100: Economic analysis in full compliance For highly precise analysis of all monographs with accuracy of ±0.003°OR.
  • MCP 5100: Unmatched traceability with a built-in camera Advanced accuracy of ± 0.002°OR for precise analysis of small changes in concentration or optical rotation. The FillingCheckTM camera sees sample abnormalities before they trigger errors.
  • MCP 5500: Top accuracy meets unmatched traceability Measurement heavyweight to measure the smallest impurities and material changes, delivering supreme accuracy of < ±0.0020° OR across the entire measuring range. The FillingCheck camera sees sample abnormalities before they trigger errors. The built-in air pump dries cells to further reduce cycle times.

Feature highlights:

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