Aptar and Lupin to launch India’s first smart device for metered-dose inhalers

Published: 29-Jan-2020

ADHERO is designed to help patients with chronic respiratory diseases track their MDI usage

Aptar Pharma, the drug delivery systems specialist, has partnered with Lupin Limited to launch India’s first connected device for metered-dose inhalers (MDI). Branded ADHERO, the new launch is a unique add-on smart device designed to help patients with chronic respiratory diseases track their MDI usage and facilitate improved adherence to their prescribed therapy.

Speaking about the launch, Rajeev Sibal, Lupin’s President India Region Formulations said: “Lupin lays great emphasis on three aspects of respiratory medicine, namely disease awareness, diagnosis and adherence. The launch of ADHERO will be a great help to patients using metered dose inhalers as well as for doctors to track adherence and compliance to therapy, thereby improving clinical outcomes and the quality-of-life of patients.”

Inhalers are the preferred treatment option for managing the rising incidence of chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in India. However, it is estimated that nearly 45% of patients do not adhere to their therapy, including the filling and refilling of prescriptions or maintaining the prescribed medication schedule.

The inconsistent adherence adversely impacts clinical outcomes and the patient’s quality-of-life.

Kanwal Tikoo, Aptar Pharma’s President of India & Southeast Asia commented: “We are pleased to have partnered with Lupin Limited on their ADHERO connected device program in India. With the steady rise in cases of asthma and COPD, this is an important step towards helping to improve adherence and health outcomes.”

Hi-Tech device

ADHERO is a Bluetooth-enabled, reusable smart device that attaches to the top of an MDI. With built-in sensors, the device tracks the patient’s daily medication usage and consumption patterns.

Patients can access this information by connecting their ADHERO device to the “MyAdhero” app on their smartphones. The app is also equipped to send reminders, provide contextual health alerts based on factors like Air Quality Index at the patient’s current location and enable visual analytics.

Patients can also grant their physician access to their information and medical tracking data through the dashboard portal as well as the app.

Aptar Pharma collaborated with Navia Life Care to develop the digital ecosystem for the MyAdhero App, which includes the Patient App, Care Provider App and the Doctor Portal.

Sai Shankar, Aptar Pharma’s Vice President, Global Digital Healthcare Systems, added: “Aptar Pharma has been building a portfolio of connected devices within the digital medicines ecosystem. We are focused on integrating services across device development and manufacturing, the digital platform experience and implementation with the healthcare stakeholders. We are excited about the first launch of a connected inhaler program for respiratory diseases in India with Lupin Limited.”

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