AscellaHealth’s pharmaceutical financial solution for expensive specialty therapies

Published: 9-May-2023

The company’s PharmaFlexFund is in the running to receive a Healthcare Eagles Award 2023

A new global pharmaceutical financial solution created to enable industry stakeholders to meet the affordability challenges of expensive treatments for rare and complex diseases has been shortlisted for a healthcare Innovation of the Year award.

PharmaFlexFund, developed by global healthcare and business consulting services provider AscellaHealth EU/UK, brings fundamental change to the specialty pharmacy and healthcare services sector.

Novel cell and gene therapies developed to treat rare diseases typically cost millions of pounds. NHS and private healthcare organisations are now able to offset costs for expensive therapies over an extended period of time.

The customisable funding solution removes barriers to treatment by enabling hospitals to offer the most novel therapies available, improving patient access to potentially curative treatments and enhancing outcomes. Reducing the upfront cost of therapies will also enable hospitals to retain more cash to spend in other areas. 

AscellaHealth EU/UK is a finalist in the Innovation of the Year category of the Healthcare Eagles Awards 2023 for development of PharmaFlexFund™. The award seeks to reward thought and excellence that leads to creation of an outstanding product or service with potential to revolutionise industry or way of life.

Craig Caceci, Managing Director at AscellaHealth EU/UK, said: “We are absolutely delighted this brand-new solution developed specifically to address the funding challenges faced by the specialty pharmacy and cell and gene therapies sector, has been shortlisted for an innovation award.

“Alternative solutions don’t currently exist in the market and we truly believe that the revolutionary nature of the funding programme will potentially save lives.

“By providing a solution that enables expensive novel and curative therapies to be brought to market, patients of rare, orphan and complex diseases can access the treatments they need, when and where they need them.”

The specialty pharma sector faces unique challenges, not least in terms of cost barriers

Business consulting services also provided by AscellaHealth EU/UK to support life sciences manufacturers and other stakeholders include in-depth knowledge and expertise in specialty conditions and rare diseases, pre-commercialisation and market access support, supply chain logistics and distribution and fulfilment capabilities.

Craig added: “AscellaHealth is commited providing a consultative approach to enable innovative programs and services designed to optimise clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients with complex chronic conditions or rare diseases.

“The specialty pharma sector faces unique challenges, not least in terms of cost barriers. Our team offers the sector-specific experience and expertise needed for specialty drug products to be brought to market successfully and made available to patients that need them.”

Winners of the Healthcare Eagles Awards will be announced at an awards ceremony at The Bentley Hotel, London on 18 May 2023.

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