Aspen Australia recommends SADE SP140 weight sorters

Published: 27-Jun-2016

Decision to choose a weight sorter was based on reading online reviews

Aspen Pharmaceuticals, manufacturers of prescription medicines, recently took delivery of a SADE SP140 tablet and capsule weight sorter from CI Precision at their facility in Dandenong, Australia.

Aspen Australia commenced operations in May 2001 and is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Australia. Their product portfolio includes some of the most prescribed brands in Australia covering most disease states. Aspen Australia is an entrepreneurial driven company that often works in partnership with other companies, including the multinationals.

George Doubakis, the Engineering Manager, reports that greater controls in tablet manufacturing can be achieved through statistical profiling and this was the initial purpose for the SADE SP140. Batch reclamation was also another factor in the purchase of the SADE SP140; however, he envisages that this weight sorter will be used for development batches.

He comments: 'Initially it is being used for capsules ranging from size 0–3, with a typical batch size being between 500,000–1,000,000. Potentially we will be using it for tablets in the future.'

A key benefit is that SADE SP units handle a wide range of product shapes and sizes without the need for parts to be exchanged. Plus, the unit has been specifically designed for rapid set up and dismantling for quick and easy cleaning between batches.

George Doubakis explains that his decision to choose a weight sorter was based on reading online reviews, having had no prior history with CI Precision. On being asked whether he would recommend SADE SP weight sorters to other companies, Doubakis responds: 'Yes. CI Precision’s professionalism, delivery and product lived up to expectation.'

He adds: 'The support from CI was excellent. Quick to respond and with all of the answers required and their flexibility around commissioning and qualifying was good.'

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