August Faller's Pharma Compliance Pack wins award

Published: 20-Feb-2017

The Pharma Compliance Pack by August Faller has received the Pharmapack Europe Award in the “Exhibitor Innovations” category

On 1st February, Tanja Feldmüller, Head of Marketing and Innovation at August Faller, accepted the award during the Pharmapack Europe 2017 awards ceremony in Paris:

“This confirms to us that in our development work, we must always keep the added value to the user in focus when creating innovative packaging solutions,” she said.

The award

The jury granted awards for new solutions in two different categories: the “Exhibitor Innovations” category honours technological advances in packaging competence, such as new materials, primary and secondary packaging, labelling, leaflets and ideas on counterfeit security. The “Health products” category rewards innovative medical products for human or veterinary use.

Pharma Compliance Pack

The Pharma Compliance Pack simplifies medication administration with a clear sliding mechanism to aid administration. It incorporates perforated strips, that are removed before a tablet is taken, meaning blisters can only be withdrawn in “portions” from the pack.

Patients take their medication at the correct time, in the correct sequence and at the prescribed dose. The Pharma Compliance Pack is suitable for a variety of blister designs, materials and pharmaceutical formulations – ranging from tablets and capsules to coated tablets.

The folding box mechanism idea can also be applied to other primary packaging such as syringes, vials or ampoules.

Leporello label

August Faller's Pharma Compliance Pack wins award

The label contains room for important information, such as administration instructions. It also has self-adhesive part-labels that can be detached and stuck as a reminder onto a calendar, or used as documentation in patient records.

The combined packaging solution can be used for self-medication, as well as in hospitals, in clinical studies or personalised medicine.

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