Austar to offer decontamination and decommissioning consulting services

Published: 24-Nov-2022

The pharmaceutical provider's base will be decomissioned after it is decontaminated, for business reasons

Pharmaceutical provider Austar Compliance Consulting Service (Austar) is set to provide decontamination and decommissioning consulting services for lyophilised injection of cephalosporin production base. 

According to Austar, for business reasons, the base will be decommissioned after it is decontaminated. Following this it is set to be demolished and turned over to another company.

The decontamination and decommissioning of a highly sensitising product production base presents numerous challenges. Equipment and facilities that may come into contact with highly sensitising products need to be decontaminated with sodium hypochlorite solution and the residual limit test will be performed before they are demolished.

The consulting service for this project includes the general decontamination plan of facilities, equipment and systems in production, warehouse and QC areas, risk assessment of contamination level in decommissioned areas, decontamination protocol and report of facilities, equipment and systems, and decontamination summary report of facilities, equipment and systems. The service standards shall meet the requirements of the sending unit, the receiving unit and the local regulatory authorities. 

A spokesperson from Austar said: “With the good cooperation of our cross-regional team, professional guidance of consultant experts, and an in-depth understanding of regulations, our team is working together with our client to promote the execution of the decontamination and decommissioning project.”

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