Autoscribe releases improved pharmaceutical/manufacturing-specific LIMS solution

Published: 3-May-2022

The solution allows organisations to track the full batch manufacturing cycle

Autoscribe Informatics, a leading global laboratory informatics provider, has released a new and improved Matrix Gemini Pharmaceutical/Manufacturing LIMS to meet the changing needs of the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and regulated industries. Designed specifically for pharmaceutical and other regulated and non-regulated manufacturing industries the solution allows organisations to track the full batch manufacturing cycle. Full batch traceability allows the tracking of all raw materials and intermediate products used in the process to be linked to the final product. The goal of the solution is to reduce cost, reduce risk and decrease the time required for batch release.

Building on more than 30 years of experience in the LIMS industry the system is built on the standard Matrix Gemini software, configured to the specific needs of pharmaceutical, manufacturing and regulated industries using the Matrix configuration tools. Uniquely, this configuration is separated from the underlying standard code with the benefit that upgrading and re-validation of the software is more straight forward. This leads to a longer system life and lower overall cost of ownership. The Pharmaceutical/Manufacturing specific solution adds to Autoscribe’s range of industry specific LIMS solutions.

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