BASF water-based coating masks taste


Combines protective effect with efficient processing

BASF says its new Kollicoat Smartseal 30 D is the first water-based dispersion for taste masking and moisture barrier applications. It was developed to simplify and accelerate aqueous film coating operations, and opens new doors for formulating tablet, pellet, and particle coatings.

Kollicoat Smartseal 30 D is highly impermeable to water vapour, helping preserve the potency of sensitive active ingredients, says BASF. The polymer is stable in saliva and specifically soluble in gastric juice. This ensures effective protection from an unpleasant taste in the patient’s mouth and rapid release and onset of active ingredient action in the stomach.

‘Kollicoat Smartseal 30 D combines a strong protective effect with efficient processing,’ said Ralf Fink, vice president Global Marketing Pharma Ingredients at BASF.

‘We are confident the new polymer will help customers tackle challenges in formulating bitter or moisture-sensitive active ingredients.’

Under the Kollicoat brand, BASF markets a range of coating polymers and copolymers that are used to coat tablets, capsules and pellets and to control the release of drugs from solid dosage forms. The Kollicoat family includes: Kollicoat IR and Kollicoat Protect instant release coatings, Kollicoat IR Colour Coating Systems, Kollicoat MAE enteric coatings, Kollicoat SR 30 D sustained release coatings, and the new Kollicoat Smartseal 30 D protective coatings.