Bespak launches Syrina 2.25 auto-injector

Published: 4-Nov-2015

One of the most compact versions of auto-injector available today based on proprietary VapourSoft technology

Bespak has launched the Syrina 2.25 autoinjector, which uses a standard 2.25 pre-filled syringe, based on the UK drug delivery company's proprietary VapourSoft technology.

The Syrina self-injection devices span assisted syringes with needle safety features through to fully functioning auto-injectors.

The Syrina Micro and Mini offer automatic drug delivery at the press of a button and needle visibility for precise control of the injection site.

Needle insertion and removal is user controled and the Mini incorporates a passive needle safety system.

The Syrina S, AS and AR are fully functioning automatic injectors with passive needle safety system; hidden needle on all models, screened from patient view, as well as automatic needle insertion and retraction.

The VapourSoft technology is a novel container of liquefied gas that when released provides sufficient energy on the form of a pressurised vapour to power drug delivery and ancillary functions.

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