Bio-Rad adds Mini-Protean TGX pre-cast gels

Published: 12-Mar-2010

Better results in less time and at lower costs

Bio-Rad Laboratories" Mini-Protean TGX (Tris-Glycine eXtended) precast gels provide researchers with fast-running, long shelf life precast gels for protein electrophoresis using the standard Laemmli buffer system.

"The key challenges for electrophoresis applications in research continue to be reproducibility and time to results," said Alpana Prasad, product manager at Bio-Rad.

"The short run times and enhanced separation resolution and reproducibility of these gels will provide invaluable benefits for researchers looking to achieve better results in less time and at lower costs."

The Mini-Protean TGX gels are based on a modification of the Laemmli buffer system that significantly increases gel matrix stability and performance over time. The modification extends gel shelf life to more than 12 months and offers consistent superior resolution and reproducibility while delivering electrophoresis run speeds of 12 minutes, which is said to be significantly less than any other PAGE system using precast or handcast gels.

Other distinctive features of the TGX precast gels include: improved cassette design; greater molecular weight accuracy; and greater transfer efficiency the proteins from the gel can be transferred onto a PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane in as little as 15 minutes.

The Mini-Protean TGX precast gels are currently available in 7.5%, 10%, 12%, 4-15%, 4-20%, and Any kD, offering optimal resolution of proteins in the 20-100kD molecular weight range. They are suitable for the second dimension of 2-D electrophoresis for rapid proteomic analysis.

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