Bio-Rad launches three StarBright Dyes for Flow Cytometry

Published: 2-Nov-2020

The dyes are compatible with Bio-Rad’s ZE5 Cell Analyzer, S3e Cell Sorter, as well as other conventional and spectral flow cytometers

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched three StarBright Dyes specifically for flow cytometry.

StarBright Blue 700, StarBright Violet 440, and StarBright Violet 610 are fluorescent nanoparticles that are conjugated to Bio-Rad’s highly validated flow antibodies.

Brighter than other fluorescent dyes with similar excitation and emission spectra, the StarBright dyes provide researchers with an alternative for flow cytometry panels. The brightness of the dyes combined with precise excitation and emission profiles offer high resolution of rare populations and low-density antigens and integrate into multiplex panels, the company says.

“StarBright Dyes offer exceptional brightness with specific excitation and emission, allowing researchers to build brighter flow cytometry panels to enable better resolution of positive populations from background without the need for special buffers,” said Mike Blundell, Bio-Rad Product Manager, Life Science Group. “The unique profile of these dyes combined with Bio-Rad’s high-quality antibodies provides flexibility and offers a reliable alternative for incorporation into flow cytometry protocols.”

The dyes are resistant to photobleaching and highly stable with minimal lot-to-lot variation, enabling researchers to achieve consistent and reproducible staining. They work with all common staining buffers, including special polymer dye staining buffers, for easy integration into multicolor panels. Their chemistry is designed to ensure no loss of signal in fixation.

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