Biotage unveils fully automated microwave peptide synthesiser

Robotic liquid handler and precise digital syringe pumps reduce reagent and solvent consumption

Biotage, a leading global supplier of solutions and technology for analytical, medicinal and peptide chemistry, has launched an innovative synthesis platform for peptide researchers. The Biotage Initiator+ Alstra is a fully automated, single channel, programmable microwave peptide synthesiser and is said to be an ideal tool for peptide chemists synthesising peptides, peptoids, PNA and peptidomimetics, including extremely difficult modifications.

The system's inherent flexibility for reagent set-up makes it a highly effective platform for both small and large scale synthesis from 5μmol to 2mmol. With a working volume from as low as 0.6 mL, the Initiator+ Alstra is perfectly suited for small scale microwave peptide synthesis, especially when the use of expensive building blocks is required, the company says. The system's robotic liquid handler and precise digital syringe pumps reduce reagent and solvent consumption, thus reducing cost and minimising waste.

The Initiator+ Alstra is programmable via a large 10-inch touch screen with drag and drop functionality for optimising pre-installed or user defined methods. A built-in wizard makes programming a synthesis sequence effortless and a calculation table, which is generated, provides the quantities of reagents required, allowing the user to very quickly go from an idea to execution.

‘Initiator+ Alstra is an extremely simple to use work horse that fills an important gap in the toolbox of the peptide researcher,’ says Dr Amit Mehrotra, peptide product manager at Biotage. ‘Its state-of-the-art interface, simplicity of operation, speed, size and price are all optimised to match the increasing demands which peptide chemists are under today.’