Bürkert introduces smaller flowmeter to FLOWave series

Published: 3-Dec-2020

Configuration is managed using the free-of-charge Bürkert Communicator software

Bürkert has introduced the FLOWave S, an integral flowmeter utilising a compact transmitter designed to reduce footprint and increase price flexibility for food and pharma OEM development.

It provides accuracy for the qualification and validation of production, cleaning and sterilisation processes. Utilising surface acoustic wave technology, results are achieved with homogeneous liquids, even those with low or no conductivity.

FLOWave S uses the same flow sensor as the broader functioned FLOWave L but replaces the large transmitter with a compact, simplified design. The smaller footprint enables OEMs to reduce the size of machine builds to achieve more compact plant design. The more lightweight design also allows faster and easier installation. Significantly, it enables price flexibility for OEMs, particularly for installations that require multiple flowmeters.

The flowmeter has been designed for optimum hygiene combined with reliability in a robust design. Complying with hygiene standards as well as being compatible with clean in place and sterilise in place processes, the device uses stainless steel throughout. The measuring tube is unobstructed, offering the same construction and diameter as the process tube. For reliability and accuracy measuring liquids with higher viscosities, an integrated compensation factor can be used to fine-tune performance. Gas and steam flowrates cannot be measured, however their presence in the liquid stream doesn’t impact reading accuracy.

Communication with modern digital communication protocols is achieved via a simple single gateway, even when multiple flowmeters are installed. PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Profibus, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, CANopen and CC-Link are all supported.

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