CMO services – multi-step synthesis


Novasep process development teams select, develop and optimise synthetic routes to provide cost-effective solutions in the minimum amount of time

Our exclusive synthesis and custom purification offering is based on our unique palette of technologies – chiral technologies, hazardous chemistry, highly potent active ingredients, advanced organic synthesis, preparative chromatography – and process development methodology.

Our process development teams select, develop and optimise synthetic routes to provide you with cost-effective solutions in the minimum amount of time. In addition, we develop batch and continuous chromatography processes, based on Novasep’s unique pool of proprietary technologies, including computer modeling software. Up to 300 chemical and purification steps are scaled up each year by our process development teams.

Our special chemical and purification technologies often enable us to reduce the number of chemical steps, thereby increasing yield and lowering the overall synthesis cost and time.

We offer contract synthesis and purification in six FDA-inspected facilities for development and commercial scale (from kilogram to multi-ton scale), with full regulatory support. Our reactors range from 1 L to 25m3, for a total reactor volume of 940m3, including 740m3 of cGMP capacity This enables us to offer fast-track, multi-site syntheses for convergent or long synthesis, and dual-site out-sourcing strategies for very large volume projects or to address your security of supply concerns.

Moreover, our unique engineering capabilities allow us to design and implement product-specific production units in record time, based on your requirements.

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Our extensive offering, expertise, flexibility as well as our commitment to confidentiality enable us to maintain long-standing and trusted relationships with our customers. We have professional and transparent project management practices, and we are happy to tailor the project communication to your needs.