CPHI Barcelona Snapshot: Purolite

Published: 5-Dec-2023

The topic of supply chain security and how to implement it is much discussed in the pharmaceutical industry. Felix Solamo, Senior Global Director, Field Applications Scientist from Purolite, an Ecolab Company, pointed Dr Kevin Robinson in the right direction

The bioprocessing team at Purolite addressed key issues with customers and prospects at CPHI Barcelona, noted Felix (pictured), including how our groundbreaking Praesto HipH jetting technology is helping companies to meet the growing market demand for innovative bioprocessing resins and the need to safeguard supply chain security.

Industry requirements for bioprocessing resins continue to surge as the biopharmaceutical sector expands. The keen interest in this technology at CPHI Barcelona emphasised the need for cutting-edge solutions. 

The Praesto HipH jetting technology stood out as a game-changing advancement by promising to enhance bioprocessing with precise and efficient resin application, thereby contributing to both process efficiency and product quality. 

Our HipH resin is the result of a strategic partnership with Repligen to deliver a roadmap of innovative resin and ligand technologies to the marketplace, said Felix.

Purolite’s commitment to meeting this demand and enhancing its product offerings highlights the company’s dedication to serving the evolving needs of the industry.

Security of supply was also a critical focus for Purolite during the event, reinforcing the company’s dedication to ensuring a dependable and uninterrupted flow of critical bioprocessing materials. 

In a world in which biopharmaceutical supply chains are increasingly vulnerable to various risks, Purolite was able to demonstrate its proactive approach to implementing security measures with the recent announcement of its second agarose resin manufacturing facility plans in Landenberg (PA, US). 

As we look forward to 2024, concluded Felix, we can look back on our time at CPHI Barcelona knowing that our bioprocessing team is well-positioned to make a significant impact by helping to bring life-changing therapies to market.

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