CPhI news: ISP's new crospovidones now made on commercial scale

Published: 8-Oct-2010

ISP’s new pure Polyplasdone Ultra and Polyplasdone Ultra-10 are available on a commercial scale

ISP’s new generation of ultra pure crospovidones - a disintegrant for oral solid dosage forms - is now available to the pharmaceutical industry on a commercial scale.

The high-purity crospovidone, sold under the trade names Polyplasdone Ultra and Polyplasdone Ultra-10, will be manufactured to standards well above commercial products currently in the market, says the manufacturer.

ISP has invested in a new state-of-the-art production facility at Texas City, Texas (USA) to produce high-purity, high-quality grades of Polyplasdone Ultra crospovidone specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Philip Strenger, senior vice president, Global Pharmaceuticals says the industry can now use this excipient technology for a broader spectrum of drug formulations.

‘Formulators of pharmaceuticals have long appreciated the combined disintegrant and solubilisation functionality Polyplasdone crospovidone brings to oral solid dosage formulations, and they have asked ISP to raise the benchmark in purity so it can be formulated in conjunction with virtually every drug active,’ he said.

‘Beginning in November, ISP will offer samples of Polyplasdone Ultra and Ultra-10 crospovidones manufactured on commercial-scale, fulfilling the pharmaceutical industry’s request for the next generation of crospovidone with a purity profile that will allow for use in some of the world’s most sensitive APIs. This is a further step in strengthening the ISP tool kit for increasing the bioavailability of poorly soluble actives,’ he added.

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