ChemTrap: the standalone filtration system for fireproof cabinets

Published: 17-Feb-2012

Vents and filters vapours from chemicals stored in cabinets

ChemTrap is a new standalone filtration system for fireproof cabinets, from UK-based ductless filtration fumehoods specialist Erlab, which has been designed to vent and filter vapours from chemicals stored in fireproof safety cabinets.

ChemTrap allows fireproof safety cabinets to be totally autonomous, avoiding any connection to an energy consuming air extraction system.

Erlab says the filtration systems offers a number of advantages:

  • User Protection
  • ChemTrap eliminates noxious and odorous vapours generated by chemicals stored into safety cabinets. It allows the combination of inhalation and fire protection. It is offered with a filter saturation detector, so that users are permanently protected and alerted when it is necessary to replace filters
  • Adaptability
  • ChemTrap can be adapted to any fireproof cabinet by connecting a multi diameter flexible pipe. These units are compatible with a large range of fireproof safety cabinets such as Duperthal and Asecos
  • Ambient air purification/No emission
  • The ChemTrap working principle is based on the recirculation of filtered air. It contributes to the purification of laboratory air and also eliminates the direct emission of pollutants into the atmosphere
  • Standalone/Energy savings
  • Chemtrap can be easily and quickly installed with a flexible connecting pipe to any fireproof safety cabinet. It does not require any external air extraction system and can be removed and used with another safety cabinet. Compared with a safety cabinet that is connected to a traditional energy consuming air extraction system, the very low energy consumption of ChemTrap (47W) allows substantial savings on energy costs.
ChemTrap is also available for the V201 under-bench safety cabinet

ChemTrap is also available for the V201 under-bench safety cabinet

ChemTrap is available for vertical standing safety cabinets (H402 model) and for under-bench safety cabinets (V201 model).

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