Chinese medicine body joins list of WHO observers

Published: 27-Mar-2015

Will give traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) a voice in international health affairs

The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) has welcomed its establishment of an official relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), saying it will give traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) a voice in international health affairs.

The WFCMS is now listed on the 202-strong list of non-governmental organisations with official relations with the WHO.

'Participation in international health affairs can help promote the development of TCM overseas, making it part of medical and healthcare systems of other countries,' said She Jing, Chair of the Beijing-based Federation.

The official recognition will enable the WFCMS to attend various WHO meetings and therefore 'will have a say in global decision-making on major health issues,' said Li Zhenji, Vice-Chair of the WFCMS.

She said the WFCMS would offer technical support to the WHO and cooperate with other NGOs to promote TCM.

Other listed NGOs include the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations; the International Pharmaceutical Federation; and Alzheimer's Disease International.

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